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Australia Rd : Bridget Joyce Sq.
An retrofit urban SuDS project with community benefits at the heart of the design process.
Bewdley School
A dynamic learning landscape that exhibits the unique properties of flowing water.
Springhill Cohousing
A dynamic SuDS system defines this wonderful residential landscape.
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SuDS D&E Guide
An easy to understand SuDS design & evaluation guide for planners and designers
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Strutts Belper
Multiple SuDS features make their way through the site and into the colourful main basin.
Riverside Court Stamford
The UK's first high density housing scheme to have a full SuDS management train.
Glenbrook Stream
The pollutants from urban stormwater are now removed in this woodland landscape.
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Parkside Civic Centre
The Civic Centre at Parkside is a public realm scheme with a fully infiltrating SuDS system.
Goldhawk tn.jpg
Goldhawk Road Street Trees
Street tree planting with SuDS functionality incorporated into this busy London high street.
Measham tn.jpg
Measham Leisure Centre
Two beautiful retrofitted circular raingardens and a linear wetland enhance Measham Leisure Centre.
Fort Royal School
Creative management of rainwater generates an exciting & dynamic school landscape.
BV Dairy tn.jpg
BV Dairy
This commercial dairy features extensive permeable paving, infiltration areas and pond.
Grey to Green tn.jpg
Sheffield Grey to Green
We were SuDS advisors to Sheffield City Council on this landmark city centre project.
St Peter's Raingardens
These colourful raingardens provide flood mitigation and a landscape for learning.
Pymmes Park Thumbnail.jpg
Pymmes Park
Deculverting and treatment of a polluted brook in Pymmes Park using wetland cells.
Grovelands Thumbnail.jpg
Grovelands Park
Cleaning a polluted urban stream by treating surface sewer low flows in woodland.
Holland Park Thumbnail.jpg
Holland Park
This system within a major London Park will solve existing erosion and flooding issues.
Stroud Raingarden tn.jpg
Stroud Community Raingarden
A demonstration raingarden built in just one day to show how easy they are to do.
Kingsmead Raingarden
Unused space between flats is rethought to provide a community raingarden.
Burlish Park Thumbnail.jpg
Burlish Park School
One of the first fully infiltrating SuDS schemes in the country using only the landscape.
Red Hill School
The children of this school now delight in the creative displays of water when it rains.
Exwick heights.jpg
Exwick Heights School
From a green roof to sports-field storage, the site benefits greatly from using a SuDS approach.
Lamb_Drove thumbnail.jpg
Lamb Drove
Sustainable water management fully integrated into a typical housing development.
Hopwood Motorway Services
One of the first full management train Sustainable Drainage Systems in the UK.
Waseley Hills School
A retrofit SuDS landscape brings beauty and biodiversity to this school.
Matchborough School
This educational scheme uses only soft landscape areas to manage rainfall.
Robinswood School
A new wildlife and forest school area protects the school from flooding by managing rainfall.
Birchen Coppice School
A school on sands which, through infiltration alone, manages water on site.
Islington Raingarden
Small is beautiful - a domestic scale raingarden demonstration with flow monitoring.
Boyton Road tn.jpg
Boyton Rd. Raingardens
Two demonstration raingardens transform underused greenspace into water-cleaning gardens.
Rectory tn.jpg
Rectory Garden Rainpark
An attractive rainpark that provides infiltration in an interactive recreation space.
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Priory Common Rainmeadow
A simple and attractive rain-meadow approach to cleansing and infiltrating road run-off
Oxford tn.jpg
Oxford Motorway Services
The first project in the UK with a full SuDS Management Train and WSUD wastewater recycling.
Hollington Thumbnail.jpg
Hollington School
Innovative SuDS techniques protect the school and nearby houses from flooding.
Hazeley tn.jpg
Hazeley School : 'Newtopia'
A school with a thriving newt population thanks to carefully designed newt-friendly SuDS.